A rare live version of Rose Marie by Slim Whitman, sung with a unique warbling sound which he used on many songs.  Because my Dad was a fan of his music I grew up with his songs, like Rose Marie and When I’m Calling You, in the background.  Rose Marie was his biggest UK hit, which was no.1 for 11 weeks in 1955.  Like many of his hit songs it was a cover version of a musical film song.  People in Britain appear to have taken him to their heart, partly due to his friendly smile and film star looks, as well as a kindly manner about him.  In Europe he was also very popular, partly due to his use of yodelling in several songs.  He mixed many music styles in to his repertoire and remained popular for many years.  He died on 19th June 2013, aged 90.

A condensed version of the 1954 This Is Your Life tribute to Laurel & Hardy, amazingly the only time they appeared on a TV show together.  They became a comedy duo in 1927 and entertained for many years until their last film in 1950.  Repeats of their films were a highlight in my childhood.

To Stan Laurel – one of the funniest men, who brightened my life on many occasions, helping me laugh in the worst of times.  Soundtrack is Smile (written by Charlie Chaplin) sung by Barbara Streisand.

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