World Music

The Seekers – Isa Lei  This song is included in the world section because it is an indigenous Fijian song sung in the I’Taukei language, that many people who made a comment on YouTube acclaimed as a very fine and accurate version of the traditional song.


Somewhere Over The Rainbow in the particular style of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole including scenes of his ashes being scattered in the sea following his funeral in July 1997.


Wind Beneath My Wings given that Iz makeover – a tribute to a special soul


Maui Hawaiian Sup’pa Man – “Before there was a Clark Kent there was a Hawaiian Sup’pa Man”


Hawaii ’78 – lament for the lost homeland and culture of his people.


Cry for the independence of Hawaii form the USA from Brudda Iz  His status in Hawaii is similar to that of Bob Marley in Jamacia, which is fitting as Bob Marley was a big influence on the development of Iz’s individual musical style, combining Hawaiian, popular western music and reggae.

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