In preparing my next post I thought of the title without any problem at all, as memories and cats are forever linked in my mind, by this song.  I believe I first heard it sung by Elaine Paige on a late night preview of the musical Cats on BBC2 in 1981.  It was many years before I saw the musical performed on stage, but it was just as magical as when I first heard it 30 years before.  A mixture of poignant, melancholy and hope combine to make it timeless and wonderful – Elaine Paige singing this, incomparable!

9 comments on “Memory

  1. I love this song and it was so great to find and listen to it when least expected. I am sure so many have sung this to themselves right along with the original and felt the powerful song it is. As a gal who likes to sing just for fun and enjoyment, I have sung it and felt the emotion it brings. I just pretend I do it as well. 😦
    We all interpret the song according to our own….Memories. 🙂

    • Thank you for a lovely thoughtful comment – as you say, songs like this often mean something personal to each individual. Nice that you enjoy singing along with it too – I reserve such outbursts for when I am alone in a car with a great song for a male voice, like Nessun Dorma! 😉
      PS By the way what has happened to your blogs – message comes up saying they are set to private?

    • You probably saw it before I did! 🙂 Where did you go to see it? Was it on tour? For me it was one of those things that I never got around to doing, till the tour brought it to a theatre literally just up the road from me. I lived near London when the show was first popular and one of my uncles even used to be a chauffer to Elaine Page and Tim Rice (who wrote the lyrics), but I was too busy with other things. When I finally got to see it I found it quite emotional, a mixture of enjoyment of the show and recollections of all the times I’d heard the songs over the years. 🙂 😦

      • ha, probably so. i saw it when i was a teenager. at that time it was more like something to do because my mom and sister wanted to go. i saw it a small place called peabody here in my town also and yes i believe it was on tour. that’s crazy about your uncle. i was i could remember more vividly, but it still left an impact regardless of remembering the details.

    • Thanks for replying to the questions (not sure how this reply will come out as limited reply options available!) Interesting that the impact of the musical has stayed with you for years. My uncle was a chauffer for 25 years driving actors, celebs, foreign business men, and even a UN leader! (Perez de cuellar) He took early retirement in the mid 1990s after a serious crash with a lorry left him with limited movement in one ankle. He was very fortunate not to be more seriously injured.

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