Richmond Park and Fenton!

Whilst preparing the next post, about my introduction to photographry I researched for some info on Richmond Park and came across the now famous video of Fenton the dog and his owner.  The incident was captured by one very lucky YouTube user, who found that when they shared it they had a viral video!  The first video is a news report from BBC news and the second is the full uncensored original.

2 comments on “Richmond Park and Fenton!

  1. Still so funny, especially the second video. As an owner of three dogs I know only full well that feeling of doom you get when they suddenly get it in their head to do something and no matter how loud you shout or how fast you run you will not stop them. Great to see it again though! 🙂

    • I thought of you & Mister Mista and your dogs when I found those videos – thought you might like them. 🙂

      My Dad used to tell a great tale of how our dog, the ‘miniature Labrador’, decided one day to chase the lone cow on the hill that was overlooking the rest of the cows in the field. Obviously, my Dad realised it was a bull and was already running away by the time the bull charged! The dog overtook him in her terror of having made a mistake and they both just made it to the safety of the hedge and barbed wire fence without serious injury, but it was very close! Dogs are such fun! 😉

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