Doctor Who since 1963

Although not quiet old enough to have watched this show since it began in 1963, I can recall seeing many iconic episodes over the years until its decline and temporary end in 1989.  An attempt was made to bring the show back in 1996, with a TV movie, but that failed when American companies pulled out of the deal.  After the rights returned fully to the BBC a very successful and well made revival was launched and I have watched every episode since then, as well as enjoying many episodes that are still available from the earlier era too.

This is a fan made tribute video that captures the essence of a great TV show now in its 50th year.  The storylines celebrate all that is good about human life, while constantly battling all that comes against it.  It is the story of one man, The Doctor, an alien of human appearance, a Time Lord, from the planet Gallifrey, who long ago stole a TARDIS, a time machine which is disguised as a Police Box from a 1960s London street.  He travels throughout all of time and space, acquiring and loosing many companions along the way, battling aliens of every imaginable kind, always saving the day.  When he is killed, as he is from time to time, he simply regenerates, taking on a new appearance, and carries right on as before.  He is The Doctor!

7 comments on “Doctor Who since 1963

    • Thank you for your comment – always nice to encounter another Whovian! 🙂
      Many early episodes of the 1st and 2nd Doctors were lost, due to poor archiving at the BBC, but of the stories I have seen the following are worth a look, both for a better understanding of the origins of the story and their own entertainment value.
      1st Doctor – The Unearthly Child, The Dalek Invasion of Earth
      2nd Doctor – The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Dominators
      3rd Doctor – Doctor Who and the Silurians, Planet of the Spiders
      4th Doctor – Genesis of the Daleks, Hand of Fear, The Keeper of Traken, Logopolis
      5th Doctor – The Visitation, Black orchid, The Five Doctors
      6th & 7th Doctors I am not particularly fond of, although much of season 23 (1986) known as The Trial of the Time Lord is fairly good.

      The 1996 film, although not great does provide a good bridge between the old and new series, with Paul McGann providing a good interpretation of The Doctor. It is such a pity he never had the chance to make a TV series, as was planned, as he has excelled in the Big Finish Audio series, The Eighth Doctor Adventures, which is a current project still and aired on BBC radio in the UK, and perhaps elsewhere too.
      Hope the list helps refine your Netflix picks and I hope you find something there to enjoy. 🙂

    • Oh yes, we are both big fans of the new series and much of older series too. It has so many life affirming storylines, as well as many great scripts, characters, actors, filming and music.

      I will also feature other old TV favourites in future posts, but whilst mentioning 45 year old TVs in the other post it seemed a good idea to mention a program that is still running since 1963. Thanks for the comment and like – I am overdue a visit to your lovely blog, so will drop by in the next day or so! 🙂

  1. Well that is a good theory and probably works for most people, but my answer is complicated. I can just about remember the Ice Warriors from a Patrick Troughton story, but the first Doctor I recall properly is Jon Pertwee, with his mock karate and blonde companion and his special space age car! When Tom Baker took over I didn’t see it regularly till the later years, but loved his Doctor and there was so much Tom in the character that even when interviewed now I still see him as half actor and half character.
    I also like the three Doctor’s since the relaunch, each had their own good qualities. I was quite worried how it would work when David Tennant left, but Matt Smith is such a good actor with an old/young look that it works well and now he is my favourite. See told you it was complicated.

    On the way over to catch up with your blog shortly, as I am long overdue a visit!

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