Music of the 60s – Early Favourites


Nancy Sinatra singing These Boots…  aah, I can remember singing along when it was played on the radio.  Thanks to nyrainbow2 on YouTube for sharing this video.  For an original FULL COLOUR version click here.  Also see those or similar videos in my pages for TV and Music Videos.
Another favourite of mine at the time was Ronnie Hilton’s novelty song, A Windmill In Old Amsterdam.


Radio was the main form of entertainment in our home from as early as I can remember, around 1965.  The Light Programme of the BBC was the usual station we tuned into. By the end of 1967 it was renamed BBC Radio 2 and Radio 1 was launched to answer the challenge of pirate radio stations, like Radio Caroline and overseas alternatives like Radio Luxemburg.

This video by GarrardAT6 on Youtube shows his original copy of that song, his first record.  It is being played on an old record deck and his channel has a wonderful nostalgic collection of old record players, like Dansette, Hacker and Pye.  To visit his collection click here.
Cover pictures for singles found at

6 comments on “Music of the 60s – Early Favourites

    • Aah… that’s a lovely comment. It isn’t just me then. 😀 I loved that song for a year or two when I was about 4-5, hearing it always reminds me of the house where we lived.

  1. I loved listening to radio drama programs in the ’50s. If we had our homework done and brushed our teeth etc. we would get to listen on a school night until 8:30 and maybe if we crawled in bed we could listen to another program until 9.
    An expressive voice and a few sound effects were all that were needed for a good mystery program.

  2. Aah another with fond memories. 🙂 I can recall listening to dramas on the radio when I was a bit older, The Afternoon play on Radio 4, or Sherlock Holmes serial in the evening (I think), even when we had a TV. By the time I was 11 I had an old pocket sized portable radio, which I secretly took to bed, using the single earpiece to listen to pop tunes on Radio Luxembourg. 😉

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